Robotic solution developed for inspection of electrical substations

Isbel Lázaro.

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subestaciones eléctricas

Inspenet, November 9, 2023.

GMV has created an independent robotics solution for the inspection of equipment in electrical substations as part of its involvement in the ASUMO (Advanced SUbstation Monitoring) project.

ASUMO is a pioneering initiative led by Elewit and Red Eléctrica (Redeia companies), with the purpose of improving the remote management of electrical substations through the use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT). ) and data analysis, among others.

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This proposal modernizes the inspection of electrical substations through cutting-edge technologies, enabling real-time monitoring, early detection of potential failures, and informed decision-making to ensure operational effectiveness and security in the electrical grid. The incorporation of AI, IoT and data analysis in this project represents an important advance in the automation and improvement of essential processes.

Robotics in the inspection of electrical substations

GMV created an autonomous robotics solution for remote supervision of critical elements in electrical substations. This technology is based on the incorporation of uPathWay, a solution developed by the aforementioned company that combines the precision of the location through the global navigation satellite system (Global Navigation Satellite System or GNSS) and the efficiency of dynamic routing.

This solution is integrated with a four-legged robot designed specifically for inspection tasks, representing an innovative approach to optimize inspection procedures, increase inspection frequency and reduce intervals between inspections, thus improving management efficiency. of electrical substations.

According to Ángel C. Lázaro, head of Robotics and Automation for the Industry Sector at GMV’s Secure e-Solutions, “The efficiency that our solution provides, by operating tirelessly in tasks that can be repetitive, minimizes risks for workers and ensures precise and consistent execution. In addition, the ability to reach places inaccessible or remote for humans and the collection of data in real time, allow predictive or corrective maintenance, optimizing the use of resources and prolonging the useful life of these facilities.”.

Robotic automation plays a critical role in improving the efficiency and reliability of the electrical grid by enabling more frequent inspections and early detection of potential issues in critical components. This leads to greater network availability and performance, while reducing operational risks.

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