Robotic best friend! Meet the robot dog that obeys commands

Isbel Lázaro.
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perro robot que obedece órdenes

Inspenet, July 28, 2023.

The name of this robot dog that obeys commands is Unitree Go2 and it has artificial intelligence incorporated into its system. If its functions are surprising, its price is even more so.

The technology company Unitree presented its latest creation: the Go2. This four-legged robot uses artificial intelligence and aims to revolutionize the consumer robot industry, opening up new possibilities in this sector.

This new robot, whose design evokes a dog, is marketed with an initial price of $1,600 (1,444.93 euros) , significantly lower than the model presented in 2021, which had a cost of 2,000 euros. It incorporates a diverse selection of advanced features that set it apart both from its previous versions and from other competitors in the market.

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A robot dog that obeys orders thanks to AI

The distinctive aspect of the Go2 lies in its ability to interpret commands; this is due to the combination of artificial intelligence with the support of GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer). These innovations allow you to understand not only the owner’s specific instructions, but also their “intentions” and gain a greater understanding of the environment around you.

The new technology improves your recognition system by 200% . Plus, with the in-house developed L1 sensor, it adds a wide 360°x90° field of view, allowing you to accurately and efficiently detect terrain.

Unitree’s robot is also capable of making decisions based on information collected through its sensors, thus becoming a smart and responsive companion for the home .

What makes it so smart?

The Go2 has been updated with hardware that makes it “a smart new companion,” the company said in a statement. Its high-performance motor improves its ability to carry out more complex actions and more fluid movements by 30%. The arms, with a maximum articulation of 45 Nm, give it greater agility and versatility in its operation. In addition, its battery has been increased to 8,000-15,000 mAh, providing greater resistance and allowing prolonged use.

Another highlight of the Go2 is the 16 GB NVIDIA Orin as the main drive, which offers up to 275 trillion operations per second (TOPS) and 8 times more performance than the previous generation for multiple simultaneous AI inference pipelines, as well as support for high-speed interfaces for various sensors.

The software of this four-legged robot has been equipped with an Operation and Control System that optimizes its balance and posture during movement. Likewise, its voice assistant has been completely renewed, which enables voice commands without the need for a connection and a more efficient interaction with users.

There’s still more!

The Unitree Go2 app offers an optimal entertainment experience as users can enjoy real-time transmission of images and view the radar altitude map. From their mobile devices they can obtain a detailed view of the surroundings at any time and place, as well as access all the information from each sensor. This allows detailed monitoring of the robot’s status whenever it is needed.

The Go2 includes a suite of high-tech and versatile accessories, such as a servo-assisted robotic arm , LIDAR navigation, high-power computing module, and charging batteries, that complement and enhance its functionality.

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