LimX Dynamics presents its impressive wheeled robot W1

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Inspenet, October 12, 2023.

LimX Dynamics, a China-based company that specializes in legged general-purpose robots, has introduced its new quadruped wheeled robot called W1 . This is based on Motion Intelligence technology developed by the aforementioned company and is equipped with advanced motion perception and control algorithms, in addition to having several patented actuators.

The company notes that by combining the advantages of legs and wheels, along with real-time terrain awareness capabilities, the W1 achieves exceptional mobility on varied terrain. LimX has highlighted that this robot is aimed at solving common challenges in B2B sectors such as industrial inspection, logistics, distribution, research and education.

How does the W1 wheeled robot work?

The robot makes use of internal actuators developed by LimX Dynamics to take full advantage of the integrated capabilities of robots that combine leg and wheel structures. These actuators enable dynamic movement and provide the robot with the ability to effectively overcome obstacles .

General-purpose legged robots are in a period of technological explosion, where the intersection between basic research and commercialization has emerged and continues to expand.“said Wei Zhang, founder of LimX Dynamics. “We have chosen this wheeled quadruped robot as our first flagship product at the right time”.

The robot’s advanced locomotion algorithms give it the ability to successfully navigate complex and challenging terrain, including scenarios that would normally be difficult for robots without wheels, such as stairs. The robot uses real-time gait planning and control to efficiently ascend and descend stairs.

Suitable for different environments

According to LimX, the advantages derived from the robot’s morphology, together with its hardware and software capabilities, translate into efficient mobility, significant carrying capacity and a wide range of operation. The W1 is designed to carry out highly dynamic movements, as well as to tackle stairs, slopes, road curbs, height differences from the ground, side walkways, grass paths, slate surfaces and gravel paths.

In its creation, LimX Dynamics has focused its efforts on perfecting the essential technologies related to motion intelligence in legged robots. The company has used its extensive research and development experience in areas such as terrain perception, reinforcement learning, multi-rigid body dynamics, hybrid dynamics and model predictive control. All of this has combined to establish a robust algorithmic framework that integrates perception and control, resulting in greater stability and more robust real-time control capability.

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