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Inspenet, December 23, 2023.

Wind Road Energy: the new energy generation project

The Wind Road Energy experimental project aims to convert highways and roads into renewable energy sources. The initiative arose from observing the wind generated by traffic, especially by heavy vehicles. This wind, which until now has not been exploited, is being considered as a potential source for the generation of wind energy.

The focus of the project is on the implementation of metal modules, which will be placed on the side barriers of the roads. These modules will serve as supports for wind turbines and, possibly, solar panels. This innovative design, already patented in Spain and in the process of obtaining a patent in Europe, is essential to harness wind energy without affecting the flow of traffic.

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The introduction of this system into the state highway network will not only lead to the production of sustainable energy, but could also help reduce the costs associated with road maintenance. It is estimated that energy generation could reach 10.3 gigawatts per year on one kilometer of highway, and this figure could increase up to four times depending on the number and arrangement of the modules installed.

Likewise, the energy produced through this system has various applications. It can be stored in batteries for the purpose of establishing charging stations for electric vehicles in remote areas, or injected directly into the electrical grid.

It is important to mention that analyzes carried out on high-capacity highways have revealed that thousands of vehicles travel daily, generating wind speeds between 6 and 10 m/s. This constant activity allows the generators to operate practically 24 hours a day. Additionally, modules will be adaptively designed to fit the specific conditions of each location. Simple modules can be installed with a 20 kW generator or double modules with two 20 kW wind turbines and one 30 kW wind turbine.

This project not only represents a significant advance in the field of renewable energy, but also presents a new perspective on road infrastructure and its potential to contribute to a more sustainable future. With the possibility of expanding throughout the European Union, this pilot project could inaugurate a new era in the generation of clean and sustainable energy.

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