Rio Tinto and GMG partner to transform battery industry with cutting-edge technology

Inspenet, May 26, 2023

Mining company Rio Tinto has invested $6 million in Brisbane-based battery company Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) to accelerate the development and deployment of GMG’s graphene and aluminum ion batteries.

This joint development agreement marks a breakthrough for GMG as it aims to offer an alternative to the dominant lithium-ion batteries.

GMG batteries charge 70 times faster and are environmentally friendly

GMG batteries charge 70 times faster, last longer and are more environmentally friendly. If successful, these batteries could be used in a variety of applications, including electric vehicles, mobile phones, and drones. The partnership with Rio Tinto, which is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050, focuses on the development of batteries for use in heavy mobile equipment and grid energy storage in mining operations.

GMG will retain intellectual property and Rio Tinto will have the right to purchase and use the batteries. The collaboration with Rio Tinto will allow GMG to test the feasibility of the technology in different sectors.

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GMG transforms graphene powder manufacturing to create safer, higher-density batteries

GMG’s advantage lies in its cost-effective process of manufacturing graphene powder directly from gas. Aluminum ion graphene batteries have higher density, are safer and do not require materials such as lithium, copper, cobalt or rare earth elements. The batteries are also rechargeable and fully recyclable.

GMG estimates to have a battery cell ready within a year and a prototype battery pack for testing with Rio Tinto within two years. Although the primary implementation of the initial prototype is for mining equipment, the deal with Rio Tinto will serve to demonstrate the feasibility of graphene-aluminium-ion battery technology for other applications.

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