Renault presented its mythical new electric car R5

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Renault nuevo auto eléctrico R5

At the recent Geneva Motor Show, Renault unveiled with great anticipation its new R5 electric car, an innovative reinterpretation of its iconic 1972 sales success. This launch represents a key strategy of the French manufacturer to strengthen its position in the global electric vehicle market.

The compact design of the R5 incorporates elements characteristic of the original and the Super 5, such as vertical taillights and a vivid color palette. These two models together managed to sell more than nine million units, between 1972 and 1996, underlining the deep legacy on which the new electric R5 is built.

A new reinterpretation of its new R5 electric car

One of the strategies that Renault has opted for is the revitalization of its most eye-catching models. According to Gilles Vidal, Renault’s design director, the reintroduction of a classic model must be executed at a time that authentically resonates with the brand’s heritage, a philosophy they have “meticulously” followed with the new R5.