Quantum computers could help with corrosion in the aerospace industry

computadoras cuánticas

Inspenet, October 16, 2023.

A team of researchers from The Boeing Company and IBM Quantum have joined forces to develop innovative approaches using quantum computers to analyze the phenomenon of corrosion. Its main focus has been a fundamental process of this phenomenon called “water reduction”, which manifests itself when the surfaces of materials suffer damage due to interaction with humidity and corrosive elements present in the environment.

Quantum computers: innovation and precision

By combining Boeing’s corrosion engineering expertise with IBM’s quantum computing expertise, these researchers were able to perform quantum simulations of water reduction with greater accuracy than traditional methods. Quantum computing is presented as a particularly suitable tool for modeling systems on a quantum scale, which allows a precise calculation of the energies involved in the aforementioned phenomenon.

In addition, the researchers have devised a novel strategy aimed at simplifying quantum circuits, which leads to a reduction in the resources required for their simulations. This approach offers potential beyond the scope of corrosion research.

The collaboration between Boeing and IBM Quantum aims to find innovative approaches to the design of materials that are both strong and lightweight and that resist the effects of corrosion .

It is important to highlight that understanding the reactions that promote corrosion is of vital importance to evaluate the characteristics of existing materials and to propose new materials that exhibit greater resistance to its effects.

The advancement of IBM Quantum hardware capabilities has been essential to the development of this research. The researchers also devised a method to reduce quantum resource requirements, which in turn allows them to more effectively leverage the hardware provided by IBM Quantum.

One of the most notable results of this experiment lies in the demonstration of a higher precision energy calculation thanks to the use of quantum hardware compared to conventional methods. The researchers showed that quantum computing can offer more precise results, which has significant implications for the study of corrosion and other chemical reactions.

Overall, the collaboration between Boeing and IBM Quantum has laid the foundation for leveraging quantum computing to solve complex problems in materials science and engineering, corrosion being just one example.

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