QSA Global Presented Cutting-Edge Radiography Solutions at ASNT 2023

QSA Global

Inspenet, October 26, 2023.

QSA Global representative Greg Shawinsky shared information about their cutting-edge radiography products during an interview at the ASNT 2023 Conference.

QSA Global, a leading company in the world of NDT, has been part of ASNT for a long time. The company specializes in developing products used in radiographic inspections, especially quality and profile examinations. Their flagship product, the “880 Delta”, is recognized as one of the most popular projectors in the industry.

Notably, in an exclusive demonstration, Greg presented the new “Open Vision HD”, which belongs to the realm of Real Time Radiography (RTR). This is a digital product that has an electronic X-ray tube, allowing the emission of X-rays on demand, unlike traditional isotope-based systems. Includes a digital radiography (DR) panel that replaces the use of conventional films.

You can hold this machine, take an x-ray of an insulating pipe, look on the screen at what it’s x-raying in real time, and see indications of corrosion in the pipe .”

Focusing on safety, Greg simulated a live radiographic test, emphasizing that the device used does not emit real x-rays . It showed how the Open Vision HD quickly and comprehensively scans objects, revealing potential faults and defects on the screen in real time, ensuring immediate decision-making for further evaluation and maintenance.

QSA Global also revealed its role as a leader in quantitative measurements, especially for inspecting weld quality and measuring pipe thickness in new construction. Using the “880 Delta”, they provide a comprehensive solution for NDT professionals who need to make accurate measurements and evaluate structural integrity.

Greg Shawinsky emphasized the importance of ASNT as a major global gathering of NDT specialists, serving as a meeting point to share knowledge and showcase innovative technologies.

We love seeing what is happening in the NDT world, we love seeing the technological advances and most importantly, we love seeing how the world of NDT comes together every year .”

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