Qlayers 10Q™ Robot applies tank coatings

Inspenet, April 3, 2023

Dutch technology company Qlayers , introduced 10Q™ , the industry’s first automated painting robot designed to apply protective coatings to storage tank exteriors; It works quickly, safely and highly efficiently without overspray.

According to a press release on the Qlayers website, “The 10Q robot is specifically designed to generate the most value for storage tank asset owners and coating companies by allowing them full control over all aspects of the process. automated painting and increase efficiency. and safety of tank maintenance projects”.

This revolutionary paint application technology covers better and faster, reduces overspray and even reduces drag on aircraft and cargo ships, saving CO 2 emissions.

Assigning painting jobs to robots saves money on labor so staff can focus on safer, less demanding tasks.

The robot is operated from a safe distance on the ground by using an easy-to-use control module and the touch of a button. “This will reduce the number of working hours at height by up to 80%,” says the company.

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Qlayers 10Q™ Robot applies tank coatings

Responsible with the environment

Years of development went into this technology, which the company says is environmentally responsible, as well as fast and clean. On the one hand, the robots have a guarding system that allows them to spray more precisely, a programmable layer thickness and a 90% efficient transfer, which saves money not only in labor and product, but also reduces potential for paint to get where it doesn’t belong. Overspray has long been a hazard to the environment and nearby property, as well as an added expense for many projects, with many of the gallons purchased never reaching their intended target. In addition, the protection system is designed to prevent paint vapors from being released into the environment.

By providing the robot with information about your project and environmental conditions (layer thicknesses, temperature, humidity, and other factors), it’s easy to maintain automated quality control at each tank position. Even on a windy day, the robot can compensate and continue to coat large areas quickly and evenly. “Consistent automated performance also allows for better prediction of degradation,” the company says.

Source : https://www.paintmag.com/features/paint/robot-paint-large-storage-tanks

Photo : https://www.qlayers.com/

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