Pyka Pelican, the world’s largest autonomous electric cargo plane

Inspenet, February 8, 2023

Pyka presented its first autonomous electric cargo plane called Pelican Cargo, which is developed with Urban Air Mobility (UAM) technologies. According to the manufacturer, the new freighter can transport almost 182 kilograms of goods in 1.86 m 3 of cargo volume.

This makes it the world’s largest zero-emission cargo plane, as well as the first autonomous aerial vehicle of its kind, Pyka said in a statement.

“We designed this aircraft to remove carbon emissions from the logistics chain, while offering a significant speed advantage over ground transportation and operating costs at a fraction of conventional air transportation,” said Michael Norcia, CEO of Pyka.

The autonomous cargo plane features a front-loading system and slide-out cargo tray, both designed to help Pelican Cargo operators improve express logistics networks.

Developed to enable air connectivity with remote communities, the aircraft will ensure fast and reliable access to vital goods and supplies to areas in need, the manufacturer added.

Pelican Cargo is in the development stage and has begun extensive testing at the Pyka Flight Test Facility in Northern California, and expects to introduce the aircraft into service during the second half of 2023.

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