Puerto Rico increases efforts to accelerate the energy transition

Inspenet, February 17, 2023

Puerto Rico increases efforts to accelerate the energy transition, in order to achieve the goal of 100% renewable energy, state departments renew their public policy plans linked to promoting these sustainable alternatives.

For this reason, the Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDECPR) will continue the Energy Support Program, a plan that encourages the incorporation of technology in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) linked to solar energy, batteries, recharging electric vehicles and energy efficiency.

“We continue with the idea of extending the Energy Support Program to a second phase that should be available this year,” said Carlos Tejera, director of the DDECPR Energy Policy Program.

According to a report from the Energía Estratégica portal, Tejera also added that they are “in the process of obtaining the necessary funds that will be close to USD 30 million to be assigned.”

And he added that they hope to “impact 1000 SME businesses in the same way that we did initially with the solar energy installation companies because it was very successful.”

Source : https://www.energiaestrategica.com/exclusiva-puerto-rico-prepara-una-segunda-convocatoria-del-programa-apoyo-energetico/

Photo: ShutterStock

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