MIS Marine Chief Product Officer Robert Kessler takes over as GHPB Efficiency Committee subcommittee chair

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Inspenet, November 2, 2023.

Textual note taken from MIS MARINE dated October 31, 2023

Robert Kessler, Product Director for MIS Marine in Houston, has assumed the role of subcommittee chair for the Greater Houston Port Bureau (GHPB) Efficiency Committee.

In keeping with a theme close to MIS Marine, the GHPB is leading the establishment of a standardized, industry-accepted data dictionary for port calls.

If successful, this project would provide a common language with which all participants in a port call (vessel, terminals, charterers, agents, pilots, tugs and inspectors, etc.) would communicate.

The scale data dictionary will not only provide a common language, but will also be the first step towards developing a collaborative exchange of data and messages. In its statement on the project, the GHPB states: “The goal is to ensure that all parties involved understand the data being exchanged and that the exchange is as efficient as possible. This project aims to provide stakeholders at port calls with tools to improve collaboration and communication. It will also help Port Office members understand the complexity and vast data exchange required to successfully execute an optimized port call.“.

Asked about his participation, Robert shared his enthusiasm for the project: “Work of this nature is important, not only in the optimization of stopovers, but in the entire evolution of the trip. A common agreement on the basic terms and the exchange of Data between stakeholders is the backbone of an efficient industry. I have no doubt that standardization will benefit the current port call process. I am delighted to have been asked to participate in this effort and have the full support of MIS , staunch advocates of maritime improvements and collaboration.”

The GHPB project will build on and develop existing standardization at the International Maritime Organization (IMO). We look forward to following the project closely and supporting Robert in his role as president.

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