Company launches pressure sensor for extremely high temperatures

sensor de presión

PCB Piezotronics Inc has introduced a high-performance temperature pressure sensor designed for combustion testing and thermoacoustic pressure measurements. This new sensor, called model 176A33, incorporates a unique design that eliminates the need for water cooling. In addition, it has a temperature rating of up to 760 °C.

About the 176A33 pressure sensor

The newly launched pressure sensor has the capability to measure the dynamics of the combustionThe system can also be used for gas turbine measurements, thermoacoustic measurements and evaluation of combustion instability in rocket engines, as well as any dynamic measurement of gas pressure under high temperature conditions.

Importantly, in challenging test environments, the sensor uses a crystal called UHT-12 to obtain more accurate measurements and reduce noise, even in situations of extreme temperature variations.

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Likewise, the 176A33 single-ended pressure sensor offers a high sensitivity of 6 pC/psi, has a measurement range of 3000 psi (207 bar) and a maximum pressure rating of 5200 psi (359 bar).

It also incorporates a 1 meter rigid cable that connects to a double insulated 10-32 connector. This new sensor stands out as an outstanding choice for research facilities carrying out thermodynamic and acoustic measurements in the field of combustion research.

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Photo: PCB Piezotronics Inc

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