Meet the Pipebots: the robots that detect water leaks in pipes

Inspenet, August 31, 2023.

These tiny automata have the potential to mitigate water loss in metropolises and are undergoing trials at a British academic institution.

The infiltration of water in the pipes represents a challenge for the preservation of this essential resource, an aspect that also affects multiple nations. That is why various alternatives have emerged, such as Pipebots , robots originated and developed in the United Kingdom.

They are known as “autonomous devices for duct networks” and their main purpose is to identify and correct water leaks in the sewage system. To achieve this, they use cameras and sensors that make it possible to detect cracks, in addition to making use of artificial intelligence .

Pipebots: tiny but efficient

They are just 20mm wide, giving them the ability to move both in tight pipe spaces and in water. They collect information and pass it on to a group of technicians and engineers.

Thanks to these particularities, they achieve early detection and solution of problems. In addition, the use of these automata can reduce the need to use expensive and slow approaches, making them an ideal option to operate in areas that are difficult or risky for workers to access.

They are currently undergoing trials at the University of Sheffield in the UK, with the aim of creating a flexible, economical and highly efficient system for sewerage networks in Europe.

However, the future prospects of this machine are even broader, since its applicability could be extended to oil and gas pipelines, as well as air ducts and manufacturing environments. According to the report, approximately 26% of the water supply is wasted in Europe alone. Therefore, it is plausible that more companies will join the adoption of these Pipebots .

Source: https://elcomercio.pe/tecnologia/inventos/miden-solo-20mm-y-son-autonomos-los-robots-hechos-para-detectar-fugas-de-agua-en-tuberias-video-reino- united-artificial-intelligence-news/#google_vignette

Photo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pppxa9MpoeY&t=16s

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