Petroecuador launched a tender to import natural gas


Inspenet, November 21, 2023.

EP Petroecuador extended invitations to 22 companies registered in the International Trade Management to participate in the tender to import natural gas. The purpose is to satisfy the demand of 45 million cubic feet of natural gas per day required by the Termogás Machala plant.

The opening of offers from companies interested in the tender is scheduled for November 29. This process will be carried out publicly, broadcast live through the company’s official social networks, as has been done in all hydrocarbon purchase and sale processes by the state oil company.

It should be noted that by the aforementioned date, the new government will already be in office, as it will take office on November 23.

According to the information provided by Reinaldo Armijos, general manager of Petroecuador, the possibility of private companies importing gas in isotanks is contemplated, which will later be transported by land to the Termogás Machala plant, located in the province of El Oro.

Although the energy sector authorities had mentioned that the import of gas would contribute to mitigating the current problems of blackouts and dry water, everything indicates that the import will not have an immediate impact on this dry season, but could influence future periods.

According to the established conditions, it is expected that the provision can be made 135 days after the signing of the contract. However, several interested companies have expressed that they would not be able to bring the gas within a period of less than six or eight months.

Simultaneously, the Campo Amistad tender is underway, aimed at optimizing local natural gas production. However, so far, only one company is participating in the competition, and the results are anticipated to be released in the coming weeks.

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