Petrobras will develop an e-methanol plant together with European Energy


Inspenet, November 27, 2023.

Petrobras , Brazil’s state oil company, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Danish company European Energy . The purpose of this collaboration is to evaluate commercial opportunities for the development of an e-methanol plant project in Brazil .

This agreement marks a significant milestone for both companies on their path towards the energy transition. E-methanol, a low-carbon alternative, has applications in industrial processes and as a fuel, especially in maritime transport. Its production involves the combination of green hydrogen, obtained from renewable sources such as solar and wind energy, with carbon dioxide of biogenic origin.

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It should be noted that European Energy is a company that operates comprehensively in the energy transition , covering the generation of renewable energy and ecological solutions based on hydrogen. The collaboration with Petrobras will enable the exchange of knowledge and foster a strategic partnership between both companies and countries.

Likewise, the president of Petrobras, Jean Paul Prates, has stressed the importance of having solid partners such as European Energy. According to Prates, both companies are well established, robust and have the necessary capacity to undertake large-scale projects.

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