Petrobras invests in Gaia supercomputer with 7.7 pentaflops

Inspenet, February 9, 2023

Petrobras will invest R$ 76 million in the Gaia supercomputer, to meet the company’s high-performance computing demands.

The machine will develop and improve technologies for research related to geophysics that can be applied both in the Campos Basin Pre-salt, an area responsible for 74% of the company’s production, and in new exploratory frontiers, such as the Equatorial Margin, located in the north and northeast of the Brazilian coast.

The purpose of the supercomputer is to improve seismic image processing tools – a technique that produces three-dimensional images of the interior of the earth – to obtain very high-definition reproductions of the subsoil rock layers. In this way, the company expects to obtain faster and more precise results, reducing time and costs in exploration and production activities.

According to the state company, Gaia will have a processing capacity of 7.7 petaflops. That power is equivalent to 1.5 million mobile phones or 40,000 laptops running at the same time. The power consumption will be 574 KW. In Petrobras’s calculations, that value is equivalent to a city of 2,400 inhabitants.

The state company did not offer other technical details of Gaia, such as the amount of RAM and GPU. The equipment, however, will be installed at Cenpes, a research center located on Ilha do Fundão, in Rio de Janeiro.

The new supercomputer will be inaugurated soon, in the first quarter of 2023.

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