Orla Mining declares commercial production at the Camino Rojo mine in Mexico

By: Dr. Franyi Sarmiento, Ph.D., Inspenet, April 6, 2022

Orla Mining Ltd. announced the declaration of commercial production at the Camino Rojo Oxide Gold Mine (“Camino Rojo”), effective April 1, 2022.

“By achieving commercial production at Camino Rojo, we have completed our transformation from explorer to developer to producer in three years,” said Jason Simpson, president and CEO of Orla Mining.

“Today, the team will celebrate this success, but tomorrow we will focus on how to grow our production,” he added.

The declaration of commercial production at Camino Rojo follows a successful start-up period that included ramping up mining and processing to sustained production levels exceeding 75% of nominal designed capacity of 18,000 tons per day. .

All major construction activities have now been completed and Camino Rojo has demonstrated its ability to maintain ongoing production levels.

The operation will continue to look for opportunities to improve and optimize performance and availabilities to achieve and ultimately exceed nominal design capacities.

Orla is operating the Camino Rojo oxide gold mine, an open pit, heap leach gold-silver mine, located in the state of Zacatecas in central Mexico. The operation is 100% owned by Orla and covers more than 160,000 hectares.

Source : https://www.promineria.com/?p=nota&id=15083

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