Nexxis Technology at ASNT 2023 was an example of innovation in robotics

Isbel Lázaro.

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ASNT 2023

Inspenet, October 25, 2023.

As part of the ASNT 2023 Conference , our team had the pleasure of speaking with Jason De Silveira, the CEO of Nexxis Technology , an Australian company that is preparing to celebrate its tenth anniversary.

Nexxis has made an impressive entry into the world of nondestructive testing with a focus on robotics and cutting-edge engineering . Jason shared his excitement about the event and company news in this exclusive interview.

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He began by defining the ASNT Conference as an exceptional program where all asset integrity companies come together in search of innovative technologies and advanced solutions. He noted that this event is a platform to explore new technologies, especially as it relates to robotic platforms and asset integrity.

ASNT for us is a really good program .”

One of the key differences between this year’s ASNT and the last one in Nashville is the presentation of Nexxis’ own platforms. Jason highlighted that his company has become an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and has developed custom robotic platforms that not only improve the robotics themselves, but also integrate with other sensor technologies. These modular solutions allow Nexxis to expand its product portfolio and collaborate closely with other event participants.

Many of the people here are actually partners of ours in some way .”

Regarding future aspirations, Jason emphasized the importance of Nexxis’ engineering and manufacturing site. The company focuses on meeting the changing needs of its customers through customized robotics solutions. Additionally, Houston has become a focal point for this focus, marking a significant change from the previous year.

Custom robotics is really our focus and Houston is the place for it .”

Jason concluded the interview by expressing his excitement about the event. He highlighted the importance of quality organization and noted that ASNT stands out as one of the well-executed events in the industry.

ASNT certainly does it well .”

Nexxis Technology positions itself as a leader in non-destructive testing innovation and robotics and promises to continue making waves in the industry as it celebrates its 10th anniversary next year. The company is committed to developing technologies that make a difference in the world of non-destructive testing, which will surely attract attention at future ASNT events.

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