New York fossil fuel power plant to be replaced with offshore wind

Inspenet, January 31, 2023

Ravenswood Generating Station is New York’s fossil fuel power station to be converted to an offshore wind facility. This is the largest power plant in the Big Apple and supplies 20% of the city.

It is a 2,480 megawatt (MW) plant located in Long Island City, Queens, according to World Energy Trade. Ravenswood is managed by the organization Rise Light & Power, a manager and developer of energy assets.

This 27-acre waterfront oil and gas industrial estate will become a clean energy hub that will power one-fifth of New York City with offshore wind power.

The Ravenswood offshore wind project will reuse existing physical and electrical infrastructure, saving New York taxpayers money. An HVDC conductor cable will be grounded at the existing power plant site.

The cable will interconnect via underground HVAC cables to NYISO’s bulk electrical system at existing substations adjacent to the site.

It will also become an operations and maintenance center for offshore wind that will support the just transition of the workforce from the existing fossil fuel plant, and boost economic investment.

Rise Light & Power says the project, with training programs and employment opportunities, will facilitate just transition and upskill current Ravenswood UWUA Local 1-2 workers.

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