New compound puts out fires with 50 times greater efficiency than water

Inspenet, March 6, 2023

The Spanish inventor César Sallén developed a product capable of preventing fires and putting them out efficiently. After years of research, Ecofire was born, made from components of natural and edible origin and with an effectiveness 50 times greater than water.

Sallén, has worked for years on this product until he came up with the formula currently marketed by the company Simon Rack in fifteen countries.

The compound is “100% organic and even edible”, and it is not necessary to use large quantities to guarantee its effectiveness. “Spraying it is more than enough and it can be applied from a truck, a motor pump, a helicopter, an airplane… Firefighters can use it without any kind of change in the machinery used today. It is not corrosive and one liter of the product it has the effectiveness of 50 water. In addition, it never dries out, because it is hygroscopic and absorbs moisture from the environment,” he details.

Regarding the operation of Ecofire, it is enough to impregnate the compound on the surface that you want to protect: it reacts when it reaches 90-95 degrees and creates “a carboxylic layer with a size 40 or 50 times greater than the sprayed coating”. “By remaining adhered, it avoids contact with oxygen. This is how we break two parts of the fire triangle: one is convection by heat, by temperature, and the other is oxygen. Where we apply it, nothing can burn,” says the author of the mill, which emphasizes that in the elaboration of the product they do not generate “not one gram of waste”.

With this operation, the objective is to prevent and extinguish “any type of fire”, since the compound resists up to 1,200 degrees of the acetylene torch with which they have tested it, a temperature much higher than that of forest fires. At the moment, they are already marketing it for agriculture, industry and the protection of farms and livestock, since the product can even be “applied directly”.

According to Sallén, one of the main advantages of this material is its ability to create firebreaks, since it remains active until it rains more than 10 liters per square meter. Thus, even if the wind changes and the flames take another direction at a certain moment, if they return several days later to the point where the product has spread, it will continue to work. This represents an advance over the ammonium polyphosphate used as a retardant by fire-fighting helicopters, which has “a maximum effectiveness of two hours.”

Another advantage of Ecofire is that it allows you to go through the flames after spraying your clothes with it. In addition, it is especially practical in fires in plastic companies.

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