Construction of a new chemical plant begins in Germany

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Inspenet, December 4, 2023.

Germany will have a new chemical plant

The company Vink Chemicals , a specialist in biocides, has begun the construction of its chemical plant in Schwerin with an investment that exceeds 30 million euros. The family-owned company reiterates its commitment to Germany as a production location.

The initial construction phase has been preceded by nearly three years of efforts, necessary to obtain early approval for construction. Among the requirements, the company had to demonstrate compliance with all legal regulations, as well as compliance with the highest safety and quality standards.

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With the construction of the new chemical plant, the specialist in technical biocides will manufacture the majority of its raw materials in Germany in the future. This change will reduce transport distances and simplify supply chains, including the journey to the company’s headquarters in Kakenstorf.

Likewise, the proximity to the port of Hamburg will facilitate access to maritime routes, a crucial aspect for the company’s international operations, which will translate into time and cost savings. Additionally, at the new facility, the production of raw materials will be more efficient compared to current foreign suppliers.

With the aim of improving energy efficiency in the new, advanced facility, excess heat produced during manufacturing will be used to power heat pumps. Likewise, a portion of the required electrical energy will be generated through the company’s internal photovoltaic system. To ensure a successful start of production in mid-2026, the managing director and head of the construction site in Schwerin, Stephan Lauer, has already moved his family to Mecklenburg.

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