Innovative flying car Aircar will reach 750 km/h

By: Inspenet, March 28, 2023

The design studio Lazzarini Design Studio , based in Rome, presented Aircar, the new flying car, which seeks to reinvent the future of mobility, reaching a speed of 750 km/h for a range of 3,200 kilometers using jet fuel.

This flying car is conceived as a small and futuristic module that measures 6 meters long and is designed to accommodate a pilot and three passengers.

1588 Air car 2
New Aircar flying car will reach 750 km/h

The Aircar’s bodywork is a carbon fiber monocoque that gives it an ultralight shape and will be powered by four rotating aeronautical engines created by Rolls-Royce. Each of the four jet engines can independently adjust its own pitch and roll, ensuring stability and high maneuverability in turns.

1588 Air car 5
New Aircar flying car was conceptualized by Lazzarini Design Studio

In addition, due to the tilt and rotation of the 4×4 system’s motor, the flying vehicle can navigate at variable heights and inclines, or fly in a straight line, depending on cruising speed needs.

For the moment, the Aircar is a concept, although the main designer and founder of the studio Pierpaolo Lazzarini aims to develop it by 2024 with a first full-scale prototype before it is ready to go on the market.

1588 Air car 6
Air Car will have a range of 3,200 kilometers using jet fuel.

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