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Natural gas production in Mexico increased in 2022

Inspenet, January 31, 2023

Gas extraction in Mexico was 4,804 million cubic feet per day on average in 2022, with which it had its largest increase since the start of the current administration: 1.3% per year, after reductions of 2.1% and 0.6%. of the previous years.

Assignments where Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) extracts gas contributed 4,550 million cubic feet of hydrocarbon per day, a volume that increased by 0.7% in relation to the previous year and that also increased for the first time in the last eight years.

The associated extraction in large offshore fields such as Arenque, Abkatun, Amoca and Akal, among the most important, was maintained, although others such as Agua Fría, Arcabuz, Arcos and Agave, also showed important results on land, according to the report delivered by the state company. oil company to the regulator.

In addition, the production of natural gas from the oil contracts offered upward results, as was observed in the contracts where Pemex has participation through associations granted via farmout and migrations of previous contracts to shared production and license in land fields, in addition to the extraction of gas in the contract where Pemex operates without a partner in shallow waters, Ek Balam.

Source : %C3% B3n/repunt %C3% B3-la-producci %C3% B3n-de-gas-natural-en-el-2022

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