MSC received container ship “MSC Loreto” of 24,346 TEUs

Inspenet, April 25, 2023

MSC has taken delivery of its second Megamax container ship in the series of six sister ships with a cargo capacity of 24,346 TEUs built by Yangzijiang Shipbuilding , Alphaliner reported.

The vessel is equipped with scrubber and conventional propulsion, powered by a WinGD – 11 X92 main engine offering a nominal power of around 71,000 kW, allowing it to reach a service speed of up to 22.5 knots.

1712 buque MSC Loreto y buque MSC Irina portacontenedores interno
MSC received container ship “MSC Loreto” of 24,346 TEUs

Characteristics of the container ship MSC Loreto

Equipped with modern technologies such as a small bulbous bow, large diameter propellers and energy saving ducts, MSC Loreto is highly efficient. The ship has an overall length of 399.90 meters, a beam of 61.30 meters and a depth of 33.5 meters, with a draft of 17 meters.

She also has a deck area of about 24,000 square meters and can reach a top speed of 22.5 knots. It has 2,026 refrigerated outlets for controlled temperature loads.

The “MSC Loreto” will join the Asia-Europe ‘Lion’ service as part of the 2M network.

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