Motoroid 2: Yamaha’s new electric motorcycle that never loses its balance

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Inspenet, October 18, 2023.

Yamaha introduced the Motoroid 2 , a self-leveling electric motorcycle that moves away from conventional designs by eliminating much of the mechanics found on traditional motorcycles.

A “self-balancing” electric motorcycle

Its rear has a swingarm that provides suspension, something common on most motorcycles, but it also incorporates a pivot that allows the rear half of the motorcycle to tilt independently of the front.

The front fork, which is described as functioning “unexpectedly normal” compared to the rest of the motorcycle, is responsible for steering, although it does not follow the traditional design. Instead of having a handlebar like conventional motorcycles, Yamaha has replaced it with rigid grips that function as grab handles.

The Yamaha Motoroid 2 is clearly designed to be self-balancing and could potentially operate without a rider on board , meaning it can steer and maintain balance independently whether a rider is present or not.

When operating without a driver, the motorcycle uses facial recognition and gesture control to follow a person. In addition, it incorporates a central stand that deploys when you brake to park and is capable of being retracted autonomously when preparing to resume driving.

When will it be available on the market?

Although it is unlikely that Yamaha will produce such an electric motorcycle on the market, it is interesting that the company sees the value of the idea by developing a second concept and also building a working prototype that it plans to show next month at the event Japan Mobility Show 2023.

Unlike the aforementioned company, Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Kawasaki is in the process of starting deliveries of its first two electric motorcycles for daily use: the Ninja e-1 and the Z e-1. Both are being released in North America, including the United States and Canada, as well as the United Kingdom. In the US market, the Ninja e-1 is priced at $7,599, while the 2024 Z e-1 starts at around $7,299.

While it is true that this motorcycle will not be available on the roads in the near future, Yamaha has developed and launched several lower-powered electric scooters.

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