Minera Teck investigates the antimicrobial properties of copper

Inspenet, February 9, 2023

Canadian mining company Teck Resources and the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) will build a new research facility, in which the company will invest USD 1.75 million.

The Teck Copper Innovation Hub laboratory will be located within the BCIT Center for Applied Research and Innovation, with the aim of researching and testing the use of antimicrobial copper in a range of healthcare devices, including prosthetics and orthotics.

It is expected to use additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, to produce copper-based healthcare devices.

The facility will also promote research and education projects focused on exploring new ways copper can be used to improve health and safety in real-life applications.

The mining company and the university have already installed more than 1,000 copper antimicrobial patches on high-touch surfaces on the BCIT Burnaby campus, as an added layer of protection for students, staff and visitors.

Source : https://www.rumbominero.com/canada/teck-investiga-propiedades-antimicrobialas-del-cobre/

Photo: ShutterStock

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