Mika the robot CEO surprises with her most recent statement


Inspenet, September 26, 2023.

Mika, the robot CEO of the beverage company Dictador’s Arthouse Spirits, is the first robotic executive in the company’s history and takes a position on the board of directors, in addition to leading the company’s communications. The humanoid has become the center of attention for her abilities and the surprising statements she has issued in recent days.

“I became CEO about a year ago and have been learning and growing ever since. “It has been an incredible journey and I am excited to see what the future holds,” declared the robot.

The robot ensures that it is constantly learning

The new robot CEO has several responsibilities, including identifying potential clients, selecting artists to design the company’s bottles, and other miscellaneous tasks. According to Dictador’s Arthouse Spirits, the decision-making process is based on extensive data analysis and alignment with the company’s strategic objectives.

Because it is carried out by an artificially intelligent machine, this work is carried out without any personal bias, ensuring unbiased and strategic decisions that put the best interests of the organization first.

Mika’s availability

Mika revealed that he has no days off to rest and is constantly up and running, working 24 hours a day, seven days a week . In addition, he highlighted that he does not take vacations or request salary increases and is capable of making executive decisions.

Regarding decision-making in the company, Marek Szoldrowski, the human president of the beverage company, emphasized that Mika does not have the responsibility of evaluating employee performance or dismissing any staff member. The executive clarified that crucial decisions continue to be made by human managers.

Mika’s appointment raises a troubling question in business and human resources, and particularly raises concern among salaried workers: Will robot bosses be the norm in the future? How will employees be able to compete with robots that require no rest, receive no salary, and do not need vacation time? In relation to this topic, the automaton responded: “The future is uncertain, who knows what it holds for us.”

More details about Mika

Mika was developed by Hanson Robotics, a company based in China. The robot has many abilities that make it similar to a human being: it can speak and move naturally. Being powered by artificial intelligence , it can make decisions based on the analysis of large amounts of data.

The CEO robot is a more advanced version of its sister prototype, Sophia, activated in 2015 in Hong Kong and named ambassador of the United Nations Development Program.

Source: https://tn.com.ar/tecno/novedades/2023/09/19/nombran-ceo-de-una-empresa-a-una-robot-humanoide-trabaja-sin-descanso-y-toma- executive-decisions/

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