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Microsoft will use nuclear energy to power its AI

Inspenet, October 19, 2023.

Microsoft is looking to launch a project related to the use of nuclear energy in order to cover the energy needs of its next technological ventures, which include the development of artificial intelligence and data processing in the cloud.

The company has made public its interest in hiring a nuclear technology specialist who is qualified to lead the global strategy regarding the use of small modular reactors (SMR). These will provide the power needed to power the data centers that host Microsoft Cloud services and will support the set of artificial intelligence initiatives that Microsoft is driving through Windows 11 and its collaboration with OpenAI.

Nuclear energy to power AI

Small modular reactors (SMRs), also called fourth-generation reactors, operate based on the principle of nuclear fission . In this procedure, an atom splits into two or more nuclei of fissile matter, releasing heat that is later used to generate electricity through turbines .

Unlike traditional energy production techniques, SMRs do not require the burning of fossil fuels, which means that no carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) emissions are generated. Additionally, SMRs can be manufactured in facilities with a simplified design and can be deployed in smaller areas, resulting in reduced deployment costs.

Microsoft participates in the artificial intelligence industry with a vision that encompasses both commercial and ideological aspects. For founder Bill Gates, artificial intelligence has the potential to free humanity from monotonous tasks.

At the end of 2022, Microsoft revealed a new investment of 10 billion dollars aimed at continuing the development of ChatGPT in partnership with OpenAI, the specialized company headed by Sam Altman. The Redmond-based company will continue to promote this development in search of a broader objective that resembles a broader industrial revolution.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates has led the nuclear energy company TerraPower since 2006. This company was established with the purpose of promoting research in clean energy and counteracting the effects of climate change.

TerraPower actively collaborates with the United States Government and other conglomerates to advance cutting-edge nuclear technology. It should be noted that, according to information from CBNC, the company is not linked to the commercialization of the modular reactors that Microsoft will use to power its data centers.

Source: https://es.wired.com/articulos/microsoft-usara-energia-nuclear-para-alimentar-su-ia

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