Metaverse real estate market projected to grow to USD 5 billion by 2026

By: Franyi Sarmiento, PhD, Inspenet, August 1, 2022

A study by Technavio, a global market research firm, projected that real estate in the metaverse will exceed US$5.37 billion by 2026.

“The report states that the increase will be driven by the growth of the metaverse in a more real and palpable virtual reality environment, where people can take advantage of these spaces,” notes an article in Diario Bicoin.

According to the report, the compound annual growth rate (CARG) of the metaverse market is 61.74%.

One of the reasons for the real estate momentum in the metaverse is that it will gradually move towards a mixed reality experience, generating value to platforms where visitors can inhabit and take notes for different purposes.

In addition, there is talk of the popularity of cryptocurrencies, causing this type of property to become more accessible and easier to acquire for sale or rent, allowing their owners to earn a passive income.

Although widespread growth is expected, Technavio estimates that the greatest penetration of real estate in the metaverse will be in North America, with 41% of the increase in this market occurring in the United States and Canada.

This material from the ValoraAnalitik portal was edited for clarity, style and length.