Meet the Toyota hospital run by robots

Inspenet, October 3, 2023.

Toyota always at the forefront

The Japanese company Toyota has a center for patient care using its own fleet of robots called Toyota Memorial Hospital and is equipped with cutting-edge technology provided by the same company.

It was established in November 1938 in the city of Koromo and in 1987 it changed to its current name. Its primary mission is to provide emergency and specialized medical care.

At this state-of-the-art healthcare facility, cutting-edge robots play a critical role in patient care, reflecting its commitment to its brand philosophy and approach as a mobility company.

Currently, the healthcare center has incorporated advanced technology, including 25 robots known as Potoro , whose main function is to deliver medicines. This is intended to allow medical staff to dedicate more than 40% of their time to direct patient care.

The robots carry out their functions with complete autonomy thanks to cameras and sensors that guide them, ensuring that they operate without causing accidents. In addition, they are programmed to use the elevator without problems and have the ability to make calls, according to the company .

Additionally, an angiography system is located at Toyota Memorial Hospital, which is used to examine arteries in extremities, such as hands, arms, feet or legs. They also have a mobile CT system.

Likewise, in the reception area, there are machines in charge of organizing appointments for all patients. All you need to do is insert the individual’s health card and press a button to receive a mobile device similar to a mini tablet that contains all the information necessary for the medical appointment. Regardless of the patient’s location, this mobile device will emit an audible and vibrating signal when it is time to receive care.

As a curious fact, it is important to note that in the same laboratory where the Potaro robot was made, the famous CUE basketball robot was also created, which became popular since the Tokyo Olympics and now there are 5 more models in existence.

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