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Meet Onyx: the all-terrain amphibious drone

Inspenet, November 10, 2023.

The Onyx unmanned amphibious drone is a creation designed by the Canadian company Deep Trekker , which is recognized for its high-quality ROVs. This presents similarities to the company’s Revolution ROVs, but with the distinction of having four wheels instead of six propellers.

Its motorized wheels are all-terrain, which means that (remotely controlled) it can overcome obstacles both on the surface and submerged, since it can move or submerge to a maximum depth of 50 meters without affecting its functionality. Although it is controlled wirelessly on land, it requires connection to a communications cable for use underwater.

About Onyx Features

Users control the Onyx via an included handheld remote control, which displays real-time video from the vehicle’s camera(s) on an integrated 7-inch LCD screen. The robot includes a 1080p front camera that can be tilted remotely and is assisted in low light conditions by four LED spotlights that emit a total of 1,100 lumens. Likewise, there is the option to upgrade to a 4K camera, and even expand the capabilities with additional cameras on the back and on both sides.

Power for the vehicle comes from a 232 Wh lithium-ion battery, with a charge that should offer two hours of continuous use . However, it is also possible to connect the vehicle to an external power source.

The dimensions of the Onyx are 599 mm long, 428 mm wide and 250 mm high, with a ground clearance of 100 mm (3.9 inches) and a weight of 26.5 kg (58 pounds). It reaches a maximum speed of 1.1 meters per second (3.6 feet per second).

Best of all, it allows the incorporation of additional accessories such as sonar or LiDAR modules, depending on the intended use. Its applications range from disaster/hazardous materials response, security patrolling, mine mapping to industrial inspections.

It should be noted that the starting price of this unmanned ground vehicle is 43,000 US dollars.

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