They present Figure 01: the robot that could occupy jobs

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Figure 01

Inspenet, October 23, 2023.

Figure , a California-based startup specialized in robotics, has introduced its android called Figure 01, which has managed to develop dynamic movement in less than a year.

Last May, the company achieved an investment of $70 million with the aim of accelerating the advancement of its autonomous robot model and bringing it to market.

“The Figure 01 combines the dexterity of the human form and cutting-edge artificial intelligence to go beyond single-function robots and provide support in manufacturing, logistics, warehousing and retail,” notes the official website of the company .

Figure 01
Figure 01 has achieved dynamic movement in less than a year

Robot Features Figure 01

Dynamic and safe walking

One of the outstanding features of the Figure 01 lies in its ability to perform dynamic walks. Unlike the conventional approach to robotic walking, which focuses on maintaining the center of mass over a point of contact with the ground, dynamic walking relies on momentum to preserve balance. This advance not only represents technical progress, but also has significant repercussions on the interaction between humans and robots.

Likewise, the Figure team is dedicating efforts to developing safe behaviors for the robot in fall situations, a fundamental consideration for its use in uncontrolled environments.

Efficient design

Choosing a slim design for the robot is not limited to aesthetic considerations, but implies a lower mass to move, which translates into greater energy efficiency of the robot. Additionally, this design influences the humans’ perception and interaction with the humanoid, making it appear less intimidating.

Figure 01
Being thin, the robot has less mass to move

Hardware validation

The team responsible for Figure 01 has followed a thorough hardware validation process in all phases of its development. This detailed approach has been critical to the robot’s rapid advancement in acquiring the ability to walk dynamically.

Actuator design

Although not an enigmatic element, the custom actuators used in Figure 01 are an example of the outstanding engineering involved in the project.

Will Figure 01 replace humans in their jobs?

Since its founding, the company’s vision has always been the creation of humanoids that can collaborate with human beings, performing various tasks in the same work environments.

According to Reuters , the company was already in talks with several companies to begin distributing a robot that, in theory, would be able to learn from and interact with its environment. According to Brett Adock, the company’s founder, the idea is that “the incorporation of this robot into the workforce can help address labor shortages and, over time, pave the way to eliminate the need for hazardous jobs.” and unwanted .”



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