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Inspenet, August 30, 2023.

Verbatim note taken from MIS MARINE dated August 28, 2023

The shipping industry is at the dawn of a new era

With the rise of digitization pushing the boundaries of efficiency, compliance and sustainability, stakeholders are now looking to make improvements in the name of social responsibility.

However, the most fundamental change, which could have the biggest impact and pave the way for the changes mentioned above, still eludes us. Collaboration in the industry is still very archaic, with a “them and us” attitude.

While disjointed communications and a general lack of information sharing continue to be the norm, and data isolation and overprotection still common practice for fear of losing business advantage, the industry is gradually coming to accept that it is not You can get where you need to go without a willingness to collaborate.

marking the way

The key to the future of shipping and its development will be the rise of collaborative associations and communities. Through these professional networks, stakeholders can share operational data and best practices to drive improvements and efficiencies across the industry, without fear of data loss or misuse.

One such initiative currently underway is the Energy LEAP standard. Comprised of energy companies and industry leaders from around the world, the organization’s goal is to establish a standardized and transparent approach to emissions reporting across the industry.

Thanks to the VERS (Vessel Emissions Reporting Standard), the industry now has a standard method for collecting data on ship emissions, key information to drive GHG reduction across the industry.

But this by itself is not enough. Following in the footsteps of the Energy LEAP approach, the industry must now come together and be open to the potential benefits that effective collaboration can bring to day-to-day operations such as vetting, chartering and port calls.

Reaching our goals together

The need for proper data exchanges, transparency, collaboration, and partnerships has never been greater. To facilitate the effective exchange of shipping data, data centers must be established that not only provide a common interface through which data can be successfully routed, but also foster confidence in the security and ownership of the data.

Together we can achieve our goals of improving safety, optimizing efficiency and leading industry innovation. A fruitful collaboration will allow all stakeholders to address common challenges, share resources and work collectively for a sustainable and efficient maritime future.

Visit to learn more and join the conversation. It’s time we all started communicating.


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