Colombian Maritime Authority released ship stranded in Cartagena

Autoridad Marítima de Colombia

Inspenet, August 30, 2023.

The Colombian Maritime Authority (Dimar) reported that it managed to free the ship Yerupaja , which is registered under the Singapore flag. This ship was stuck in Cartagena after experiencing a mechanical problem.

Statements by the Colombian Maritime Authority

In this context, the Colombian Maritime Authority pointed out that “thanks to the prompt intervention and work carried out by the staff of the Cartagena Harbor Master’s Office, the ship Yerupaja, with registration OMI 9412488, flying the Singapore flag, was towed to anchorage area after running aground, while the departure maneuver was finishing, after presenting a failure in its main engine in the Bocachica corregimiento sector on the Island of Tierrabomba”.

In its role as Port State, the Authority implemented the appropriate procedures to resolve the situation, coordinating with the ship ‘s maritime agency, organizing the assistance of the tug and providing a pilot on board to carry out the rescue operation.

“After hours of maneuvering, the captain of the Yerupaja ship lightened the load and put the ship afloat, later with the support of the GPC Rosario tugboat and the pilot on board, the maneuver was advanced to take the ship to the anchoring area and thus start the work to inspect the machinery and the state of the hull in a safe manner”, added the Colombian entity.

“After verifying the navigability conditions of the ship, the vessel was subjected to inspection by expert personnel from Dimar, to assess possible effects on its hull, finding that the ship does not present any risk to navigation or to human life on sea”, concluded the Captain of the Port (E) of Cartagena, Lieutenant Commander Sergio Barajas.


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