Maersk orders new methanol-powered ships

Inspenet, November 1, 2023.

Aside from the recently delivered “Laura Maersk”, Maersk has shared public information only about the three series of methanol-powered vessels (9,000 TEUs, 16,200 TEUs and 17,000 TEUs) they have ordered. However, the company has not announced any long-term commitment to charter more new vessels to third-party shipowners, according to reports from Alphaliner .

Additionally, it was reported earlier this year that Maersk was supporting the construction of a series of 5,900 TEU conventional vessels at Imabari’s Marugame and Hiroshima shipyards. The first of these vessels, named “Maersk Felixtowe”, is expected to enter service soon. These ships follow the “Imabari 5,500 compact” design, a new variant that debuted with the delivery of the “CMA CGM Mercantour”.

There has also been industry speculation that Maersk could be involved with two series of four 5,900 TEU methanol-powered vessels. These vessels will be built until 2026, with four units at Tsuneishi Group shipyards in China and four units at shipyards in Japan. However, to date, this information has not been officially confirmed.

In addition, the shipping company has acquired a series of compact Neopanamax vessels with conventional propulsion that are expected to be delivered from 2024. The first vessel in this series, with an estimated capacity of almost 14,000 TEUs, is currently under construction at JMU Kure, Japan, and could be delivered in the first quarter of 2024. These ships will have dimensions of around 335 meters in length and 51 meters in width (20 rows). Although there is little information available about this new series at this time, it is likely that Maersk will charter them on a long-term basis rather than own the vessels.

With these vessel acquisitions and the absence of new Megamax orders, Maersk emphasizes that it has identified the Sub-Megamax size class, spanning 14,000 TEUs to 17,000 TEUs, as its preferred size class for mainline vessels, especially in a context post-2M from 2025.

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