Maersk signs green methanol supply deal

metanol verde

Inspenet, November 27, 2023.

Maersk has revealed a significant green methanol supply deal with Chinese company Goldwind . According to the Danish company’s statement, Goldwind will supply 500,000 tons of the fuel annually starting in 2026.

This agreement represents the first large-scale guaranteed purchase in the shipping industry and will provide fuel for more than 50% of the fleet of methanol-powered freighters ordered by the company.

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This agreement is a milestone for Maersk, as it will allow us to significantly reduce our emissions footprint this decade and stay in line with the 1.5 degrees Celsius target of the Paris agreements, ensuring the continued provision of low-carbon services. carbon for our customers“. Express the statement.

More ships powered by green methanol

The fuel, a combination of biomethanol and e-methanol, will be manufactured at a plant located in Hinggan League, 1000 km northeast of Beijing, using wind energy. Maersk, which has around 700 container ships, has plans to receive 20 cargo ships powered by this mixture in the coming years, at the same time that it will adapt the engines on other ships so that they can use it in their tanks.

In September, the shipping company launched the world’s first freighter powered by this fuel, scheduled for its maiden voyage in 2024 from Ulsan (South Korea) to Copenhagen, covering a distance of 21,500 km.

It should be noted that a year ago, the Danish group presented a project in Spain aimed at producing green methanol for its fleet, with an investment estimated by the Spanish Government at 10 billion euros until 2030.

Maersk aims for at least 25% of cargo transported in 2030 to use green fuel and seeks to achieve complete decarbonization of its fleet by 2040.

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