Maersk advances in the production of green methanol in the Port of Huelva

Isbel Lázaro.
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Inspenet, November 12, 2023.

C2X , a company in which Maersk is a minority shareholder, has completed the initial stage of acquiring 47 hectares in the Port of Huelva for the production of sustainable methanol.

Securing suitable land is an important step in our ambition to become a leading large-scale methanol producer in Spain. We are excited about this opportunity in Huelva to establish one of Europe’s leading green methanol facilities in such an optimal location.” says Brian Davis, CEO of C2X.

Located in the Punta del Sebo region, in the Port of Huelva, this land has the capacity to support an annual production of methanol that could reach up to one million tons once it is fully developed. However, before construction can begin, a series of administrative procedures must be completed.

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This project is the result of a collaboration agreement signed in November 2022 between AP Moller – Maersk and the Government of Spain, in order to explore opportunities to produce sustainable fuels in Spain.

We are very grateful for the strong support for our project from the central and regional administrations in Spain and the Port and City Council of Huelva ,” says Diego Perdones Montero, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of C2X and General Director of C2X in Spain. . “Green transformation can only be achieved if public and private sector partners work side by side, because much of what we are doing is pioneering work. We hope to continue this cooperation in the next steps of the project.”

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