Macrolab Instruments was present at IMCORRS 2023

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Inspenet, October 18, 2023.

Macrolab instruments in interview with Inspenet

One of the companies present at IMCORRS 2023 was Macrolab Instrumentos and in an exclusive interview obtained by our team, Jorge González, who is the company’s coatings inspection sales manager, gave details about his experience and expectations during the event.

First of all, González talked about what the company and the cities where its headquarters are located offer, detailing that they handle the entire inspection line to analyze the physical properties of the coating to prevent corrosion.

We are focused on the industrial solution in colorimetry and coating inspection .”

The representative of Macrolab Instruments also provided valuable information about the equipment it offers to guarantee adequate coating, highlighting the ELCOMETER 456, which is a coating dry film meter; the ELCOMETER 224, a surface profile gauge useful for inspecting the surface for coating application; ELCOMETER 319, which is the climatic conditions meter to inspect and subsequently apply the coating, and the ELCOMETER 130, which is a salt meter that allows you to reinspect and determine how much salt concentration remains on the piece.

The Inspenet team with the members of Macrolab Instrumentos

Likewise, González mentioned that due to the restriction by the manufacturer ELCOMETER, for now they only distribute the equipment in certain areas of Central America and in Mexico exclusively.

As for projects for next year, the company aims to participate in different types of exhibitions and design a new work plan. They also hope to open several branches to reach a greater number of customers and thus project a 2024 with more sales.

Inspenet, your knowledge and professional projection platform, continues to cover all the details of the III Edition of IMCORRS 2023 to provide you with all the information related to trends and innovations related to the area of ​​corrosion, reliability and asset protection.

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