m-Dam: modular dams to store renewable energy

Inspenet, October 15, 2023.

The Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) made a significant breakthrough with its novel modular steel buttress dam system called m-Dam . This innovative design is not only presented as a solution to address the challenges related to energy storage that have hindered the integration of renewable sources into the electricity grid, but also as an efficient and sustainable option in terms of time and cost.

The prefabricated components of this modular structure have dimensions ranging from 3 meters in height to 3 to 12 meters in length, making it easy to transport to construction sites. The speed of assembly is another highlight, since it uses conventional heavy construction machinery.

The m-Presa system not only expedites the construction of paired dam systems for large-scale energy storage and generation through closed-cycle pumped hydropower, but also reduces dam construction costs by 33% and cuts construction deadlines in half.

What does the m-Presa System offer?

The m-Dam comprehensively addresses three crucial challenges that have slowed the rapid adoption of pumped storage (PSH) systems: construction costs, construction timelines, and potential environmental impacts.

Cost factors that have discouraged new investments in PSH, such as high capital expenditures and lack of clarity in energy storage pricing, can be significantly reduced through the design of the m-Presa.

Likewise, the construction period of dams can experience a considerable reduction thanks to m-Presa, which makes investment in PSH more attractive compared to other alternatives to manage the notable daily variations in solar energy generation. This includes options such as gas peaking plants that are not sustainable or battery energy storage systems with a shorter lifespan.

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