veta rica en minerales

They locate a vein rich in minerals in Mexico

Inspenet, August 18, 2023.

A statement reveals that a new mineral-rich vein has been located

The Sierra Madre mining company disclosed on Tuesday the findings derived from its exploration and drilling work in the mines located in the Nayarit region.

In an official statement, the Canadian-based company reveals the results obtained from six new diamond drills carried out as part of Phase 2 of the drilling program at its Tepic Silver Gold project, located in the state of Nayarit, Mexico.

Gregory K. Liller, who serves as CEO and COO, commented on this:

“The drill program at Tepic continues to deliver solid drill intercepts. The Veta Tomás vein continues to widen and I am especially pleased with the Taunas holes. These are the first 2 wells on a previously unrecognized target and are located approximately 2km northeast of the historic resource area.”

The area where these explorations are carried out are not precisely indicated

“The +2600 Tepic Project has hosted low sulphidation epithermal gold and silver mineralization with an existing historic resource. La Tigra, located 148 km north of Tepic, has historically been mined.

Experts place these works in the vicinity of El Zopilote, in the municipality of Ruiz, which in previous times was recognized as a prosperous mining region .


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