They produce lithium metal ingots from scrap

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Inspenet, November 14, 2023.

Ontario-based Li-Metal Corp. has reported successfully producing and shipping its first batch of lithium metal ingots , which were manufactured at the recently opened reprocessing and smelting facility in Markham.

Lithium metal ingots from scrap

The plant’s capacity allows it to process up to 15 metric tons of anode scrap per year through the reprocessing and smelting technology developed by Li-Metal. This technology transforms lithium scrap from various sources , such as lithium sheet producers, into ingots that can be used in the manufacture of anodes.

Lithium metal anodes are produced by a conventional extrusion/rolling process or by more economically viable physical vapor deposition (PVD) processes, the commercialization of which Li-Metal advocates together with its exclusive manufacturing partner, Mustang Vacuum Systems“says the company in a statement to the media.

Li-Metal expressed its expectation to use, in the future, the pilot facility and the technical knowledge acquired during the expansion of the reprocessing facility with the aim of collaborating with its potential partners in the production of high-purity lithium alloy ingots. , specifically designed for advanced battery manufacturers.

We are delighted to produce our first batch of lithium metal ingots using our reprocessing and smelting technology and to commission our new facility in Markham ,” said Srini Godavarthy, CEO of Li-Metal, in the letter.

The ability to manufacture lithium metal products is a key differentiating element for the positioning of Li-Metal in the next generation battery ecosystem, which will allow the growth and development of our business.

Godavarthy highlighted that earlier this year, Li-Metal successfully managed to manufacture its first lithium metal product using its patented carbonate-to-metal (C2M) technology. This technology is designed to generate high-quality lithium metal ingots with the smallest possible environmental footprint.

Additional capabilities to produce lithium metal ingots from scrap enable diversity of raw material supply, which is critical as the company continues to advance its C2M metal technology and ultra-thin lithium metal anode platform“said the executive.

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