LieferMichel: the sustainable drone delivery project

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Inspenet, October 21, 2023.

Wingcopter, a German company specialized in the development of drones, in collaboration with different institutions, has started the LieferMichel web service, which belongs to a pilot project called “Drone Cargo Bike Express Delivery”, which, although it will initially last until the end of 2023, could very well be the seed of the next revolution in home delivery logistics.

This program aims to provide an alternative for the delivery of fast-moving consumer products to the homes of residents of Michelstadt, Hesse, Germany. Such a solution is distinguished by its effectiveness and its respect for the environment by not generating polluting emissions .

Funding for this pilot project comes from the German Federal Ministry for Digital Mobility and Transport (BMDV).

LieferMichel Service: How does it work?

Residents living in remote areas near Michelstadt now have the possibility to order online via the LieferMichel web service , which allows them to receive deliveries directly to their homes. For now the service will be available to residents of Rehbach and Würzberg, but gradual expansion is planned.

Wingcopter drones are responsible for transporting orders to previously designated landing points in the peripheral areas of towns. In these places, electric cargo bikes take on the responsibility of bringing products directly to consumers’ doors.

More program details

This is an experimental program that seeks to improve and simplify the delivery of products to residents of rural and remote areas. Drone deliveries are especially beneficial for people with limited mobility, such as the elderly and those who lack their own vehicle.

The Wingcopter 198 is a drone capable of making up to three different deliveries in a single charge and taking them to different locations. It not only stands out for its efficiency, but also for its advanced engineering, since it has a wingspan of 198 cm, is resistant to inclement weather and can reach altitudes of up to 100 meters, as well as speeds of up to 144 km/h.

Vodafone has played an essential role in this project by ensuring that Wingcopter drones maintain a secure and stable connection with the ground station through its mobile communication infrastructure.

We are really proud to pilot LieferMichel, the first drone delivery service for groceries and daily goods in Germany ,” shared Tom Plümmer, CEO of Wingcopter.


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