LGE Revestimentos at LatinCORR & InterCorr 2023: “We are very optimistic about 2024”


Inspenet, November 8, 2023.

LGE Revestimentos highlighted its presence at LatinCORR 2023

Leonardo Costa, Technical Manager of the company specialized in the distribution and representation of anticorrosive products LGE Revestimentos , shared with the Inspenet team details about its products, services and expectations for the near future regarding its participation in the LatinCORR & InterCORR Conference 2023 .

LGE Revestimentos is dedicated to providing high quality anticorrosive solutions . The company works with a wide range of products, including anti-corrosion tapes, coatings for anti-corrosion protection of pipelines and mechanical reinforcement of pipelines for cathodic protection systems.

In addition, the company represents companies both in the Brazilian market and internationally, such as Nauticola and Premier , an English company with 110 years of experience and a strong presence in the Brazilian market for a decade.

When asked about the brand’s objectives for next year, Leonardo Costa was optimistic and anticipated a year of significant investments in Brazil in the area of ​​gas pipelines and new projects. LGE Revestimentos has high growth expectations for next year and beyond.

We are very optimistic about 2024. It will be a year of many investments in Brazil in the area of ​​gas pipelines and new projects.

The company’s outstanding presence at LatinCORR & InterCORR 2023 highlights its commitment to excellence in anti-corrosion protection and its ability to represent leading companies in the market. The company is in a solid position to continue contributing to the growth and development of the sector.

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