José Perdomo at SLOM 2023: “We are part of the Petrobras family”


Inspenet, October 3, 2023.

José Perdomo, Secretary of SLOM, shared with Inspenet his vision and opinion regarding the XIX Conference and began by emphasizing the importance of maintaining synergy and the adoption of best practices for the development of the maritime industry.

We must continue to promote strategic guidelines that allow our operations to be more sustainable, efficient and safe .”

As part of his statements, he recalled the trajectory and evolution of the SLOM Conference since its beginning in 2005, highlighting the “multiplier effect” that it has had since then and the relevance that the event has today, especially in Latin America.

Likewise, he mentioned how over the years there has been a breadth regarding the issue of oil terminals, which has given way to a greater approach to the meeting of experts and important figures in the area.

What you find on this journey is an operational philosophy for terminals on and off the coast .”

Regarding the approach to determine measures and strategies aimed at environmental conservation and sustainability, Perdomo emphasized that SLOM’s challenge lies in perfecting its emergency plans through the acquisition of greater awareness for the training of the personnel, resource management and the provision of international mechanisms for spill prevention.

We manage risks with a lot of analysis. It is important to create a culture of prevention.”

The concept he has about the Petrobras company and what it represents for the industry in Latin America was also part of his testimony, informing that he is currently in a process of exchanging new technologies and his strategic vision.

SLOM is added to learning.

Finally, Perdomo highlights that the need for the exchange of knowledge, information and innovation, as well as the imperative of continuing to strengthen the community, are factors that drive the development of the SLOM day and invites us to continue working on the creation of a culture of integration aimed towards sustainable practices.

Inspenet present at SLOM 2023

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