They will dismantle a nuclear power plant in Italy

Isbel Lázaro.

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Inspenet, September 14, 2023.

Italy committed to sustainability!

The Latina nuclear power plant, located in Italy, is the scene of a major decommissioning project led by the team of the Spanish company GD Energy Services (GDES). This iconic nuclear facility houses large steam generators and their decomposition is essential for the safe management of radioactive waste and the transition to a more sustainable future in nuclear energy .

The GD Energy Services decommissioning team has been awarded a contract to carry out the dismantling of the iconic steam generators at the Latina nuclear power plant, located in Lazio, Italy. This award comes from Sogin, a state company in charge of the dismantling of nuclear power plants and the management of radioactive waste in the aforementioned country.

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Each of the primary circuit steam generators in Latina weighs 600 tons and has a height of 24 meters, with an external diameter of 5.7 meters . The project, led by a group of companies headed by GDES, covers the design, preliminary stages, confinement, cutting and final disposal of the materials involved in this task.

A complex project will be carried out with an estimated duration of 3 years, which will begin in the last quarter of 2023.

This constitutes the second major dismantling project that the Spanish business group will carry out in Italy, after its participation in the management of the pool water and the dismantling of equipment and components of the RTS-1 “G. Galilei” research reactor.

This new award reinforces the company’s international position in the provision of dismantling services for important components in nuclear facilities.

About GD Energy Services

The Dominguis Energy Services Group (GDES) is a conglomerate of companies with an international presence and a history of more than 90 years in providing industrial services for the energy sector.

Currently, it stands out as a leader in services that range from operation, maintenance and dismantling support to surface treatment, circular economy, logistics, energy efficiency and digital transformation. Its reach extends to various sectors, including nuclear, wind, solar photovoltaic and metallurgical, among others.

GD Energy Services operates in nine countries, including Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Sweden, Panama, Mexico and the United States. One of its most notable aspects is its solid experience in the nuclear sector, with more than 45 years of active participation.

The company has played a fundamental role in the construction, maintenance and dismantling of the main Spanish nuclear power plants, covering the entire life cycle of these facilities. It is in the field of dismantling where it has achieved a reference status at European level, participating in projects in Spain, Italy, Sweden, France and the United Kingdom.


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