Iran discovers its first lithium deposit

Inspenet, 2 marzo 2023

The director of the Department of Geological Exploration of the Iranian Ministry of Industry, Ebrahim Ali Molabeigi, announced the discovery of the first lithium deposit in western Iran, by Iranian geologists.

In addition, he stressed that Iran is one of the countries with considerable reserves of rare elements and precious metals.

“The discovery of the first lithium deposit in the province of Hamadan promises the discovery of other precious metals in this province,” Molabeigi was quoted as saying by the Fars news agency.

Likewise, it estimated the lithium reserves discovered at 8.5 million tons.

The leaders in lithium reserves are Bolivia (21 million tons), Argentina (19 million), Chile (9.6 million), Australia (6.4 million) and China (5.1 million). The mineral lithium is known as the ‘white gold’ of the 21st century, since today it is essential in the aerospace and automobile industries.

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