IWS launches inVision: the application that provides access to key data from oil and gas wells

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Inspenet, August 23, 2023.

Intelligent Wellhead Systems (IWS) has announced the addition of the inVision mobile app, an innovative technology that provides users who already use the IWS technology platform with instant access to critical operational data from oil and gas well sites . This is the latest addition to the company’s suite of digital technologies aimed at improving completion operations, further enhancing safety and reliability.

The presentation of this new mobile application is given by the success in the performance without incidents in the field, since so far, the inVision completion technology has completed more than 95,000 stages without experiencing any incidents while using the IWS system.

This incident-free record of safety and reliability continues to motivate oil and gas players to deploy a digital infrastructure to optimize wireline and fracking operations.

“The development of the inVision mobile app represents the next step in our efforts to encourage operators to adopt a digital infrastructure,” said Bill Henn, IWS vice president of business development. “By giving operators even greater and easier access to operational data at the wellsite, they can immediately respond to changing conditions, helping to reduce risk, lower costs and improve uptime while They’re on the move.”

inVision provides full access to data anywhere, anytime

With inVision Mobile, users have the ability to access a wide range of key data directly from their mobile devices such as cell phones or tablets . They can examine rig progress and current well activity, as well as observe real-time frac tree performance and valve positions.

By processing frac and wireline data through IWS safety and efficiency controls, users have the ability to remotely analyze frac and wireline graphs, as well as preset graphs with the most relevant data.

Additionally, they have the ability to select and deselect additional channels on the chart using the data setup function on the chart. The data channels can also be activated or deactivated directly from the visualizations of the same. Lastly, users can access valuable support via live chat with the 24/7 IWS ROC Support Center .

Looking forward, IWS is strongly committed to providing operators with a virtual window into all well operations. inVision Mobile is a key tool that will play a critical role in making this vision a reality.

Source: https://www.ogv.energy/news-item/new-app-from-intelligent-wellhead-systems-provide-instant-access-to-key-wellsite-operational-data

Photo: https://www.intelligentwellheadsystems.com/

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