Cristian Opazo at SLOM 2023: “We are interested in providing value to customers”


Inspenet, October 4, 2023.

The first impressions when speaking with Cristian Opazo, representative of the Bekaert company at the XIX SLOM Conference were enriching. From the beginning of the interview, it was evident how important the event was for the company.

It is a unique opportunity to share and network .”

Regarding his opinion about Bekaert’s contributions to the industry, he explained that the company focuses on providing quality and safety in all its products, which they have achieved during their years of experience. He also highlighted among its strengths the fact that it has experts in the industry and has a relevant presence in different Latin American countries.

Likewise, in terms of staying at the forefront, Opazo assured that the company is constantly focused on technological growth, which allows them to develop new technologies for the execution of optimal and efficient operations.

We have a large number of technological development centers .”

Finally, the representative explained his vision in the short and medium term, letting it be known that one of his main objectives is to grow in the Latin American market, for clients to know them better and provide them with value to become strategic partners in the development of their operations in the long term. term.

We are interested in providing value to clients so that they have safe and efficient operations in all monobuoy terminals in the region .”

Inspenet present at SLOM 2023

As your platform for knowledge and professional projection, our team was covering all the details of the XIX Conference of Maritime Oil Terminal and Monobuoy Operators held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to provide you with all the information related to the trends and innovations offered by the maritime industry.

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