Inspenet team participates in conferences on continuous improvement processes

Inspenet, 1 marzo 2023

The Inspenet team, a technical platform for the energy sector, participates in workshops on continuous improvement processes, which provide the audience with a unique and innovative experience, while users are informed and updated by visiting

The personnel that work at Inspenet are committed to excellence and seek to be at the forefront to connect and project their community within the energy sector.

This platform provides high technical value, opening the possibilities of all those who visit us towards a transformation, to continuously level up during their professional career, contributing with its different technical programs, interviews, forums, conferences, diplomas and more, hoping that all The information provided by Inspenet is useful to contribute to the achievement of the strategic objectives of each of the organizations where our users live.

The Inspenet team is truly convinced -as the famous phrase of Francesco G. Solari, CEO of Inspenet says- “The knowledge of some is the strength of all” .

Inspenet, 1 marzo 2023

Source, Photos and video : Inspenet

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